Villa Oleandra, the residence of the most famous…

villa oleandra lake como

Villa Oleandra is the residence of the most famous honorary citizen of the lake.

Since its construction Villa Oleandra, maybe for the position or maybe for the view, has bewitched the wealthy and magnates.

Lake Como is an authentic paradise for paparazzi and VIP hunters: destination for a lot of Hollywood star looking for worldliness, these amazing landscapes have always attracted musicians, writers and designer which have bought here upscale residences.

villa oleandra lobby

George Clooney is the most famous honorary citizen of the lake for a long time. He spends his holidays in Villa Oleandra, a 17th century abode in the quaint hamlet of Laglio. During an alpine tour, due to a problem with his H&D, he stopped in front of the gate of the house, he fell in love and decided to buy it.

This villa, with its twenty-five rooms and a value estimated in millions (of euro), was previously owned by Teresa Heinz Kerry. She was the widow of the king of ketchup and since 1995 she is the wife of former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. High walls and CCTV protect Clooney residence against prying eyes and flashes.

The mayor of Laglio, to protect the privacy of the Hollywood star, has also issued an ordinance which forbids to park around the villa or get close to the property by boat. Paparazzi and intrusive fan risk a hefty fine.

villa oleandra view

On the other hand, residents of Laglio don’t mind the curious who, despite the ban, wander around the villa and life in this little town goes on with its slow and relaxed pace. This is not the right place for who loves the coming and going of tourists.

Laglio once was the residence of the writer Ada Negri (1870-1945), the first woman member of the Academy of Sciences, and it boasts two beautiful churches: San Bartolomeo in Torriggia, with a quality wood statue, and San Gerolamo di Germanello, a little temple.

If you want to admire Villa Oleandra without disturbing Clooney you can go to Piazza Beretta, in front of the church, in the centre of town. You learn about the possible presence of celebrities, maybe intent on sipping a cappuccino in the next café, only in local daily newspaper headlines.