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The Nesso Ravine is a kennel for bipeds which helps man to rediscover his own original connection with the ground, touching over the water surface and relaxing on the warm rocks.

We take for granted that what surrounds us every day is stationary all along; actually from the intertwined branches of trees to the ripples of the lake. Life breathes and grows constantly. The skill of everyone is to catch these movements breaking with the ordinary perception. Journey in Nesso Ravine.

I whizzed on the narrow mountain streets, on bends which look like terraces” over an endless view.

Happiness flew in my veins, curiosity put me out of action with wide-open eyes, like a child during the Christmas Eve night who can’t sleep for Santa Claus coming.

Before reaching Nesso we find Blevio, Torno, Faggeto and Pognana, villages on the mountain I have never heard of.

I felt like a mad holding down by a strait jacket during a crisis. I wanted to observe, photograph, smell that view; so when I arrived to the second village I managed to stop the car and get off.

nesso orrido lake como explore

I overlooked the horizon together with the mountain.

Arrived in Nesso I found myself in a kennel for bipeds. It was cosy, meddlesome, quite, everything dived in the water and I wanted to do it too. I looked at the bottom, I dwelled on the waves which rocked me. I rested the sole of my shoes on the water surface and I sailed among my dreams heated by the warm sun.

In the Nesso Ravine I heard the pounding of the water and kicking over the small bridge a soft cool breeze overwhelmed me, so I turned towards the powerful, foaming, cold and clear waterfall which flew into the lake.

Nesso, what a name! Why this name? Does it connect something? Is it a place between two or more things? I have come to a conclusion: it probably connects man with nature, water, rocks, sun and a lot of other things. This is what happened to me: I felt all the same with the rest.

I was on my way back and there it is that massive “curva-terrazza” leaned over a soft expanse of green fronds which called me; “I’ll come down” I answered.

The look stared firstly at the silky lake and then it blushed crimson looking at that sun that I defined as African sun, as the sunset in the Lion King.

Everything was invaded by the light. It was a sight for few eyes, for those who observe rather than who take a quick look. It wasn’t a man creation with the purpose to be beautiful, this is the nature and it is extraordinary because no one controls it but everyone likes it without you force it to be admirable and beautiful.

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