Lake Como, a love story.

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On the shores of Lake Como there are places that move fantasy. Places where art and nature give visitors majestic architectures and labyrinthine gardens, places that tell stories of women and men of a time that seems to have stopped.

Once upon a time princes and princesses, dukes, marshes, on Lake Como. Some with the pricked wig, others with the folding fan and lace and lace clothes, everyone watching the water and sighing from the windows of their villas: “Oh, how beautiful is the lake!” Oh how beautiful are the trees that touch the heaven with their foliage! “There are still statues, fountains, flowering spots, cone-shaped hedges or cylinders. American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian trees: in the gardens of Lake Como is hidden the whole world. Temples and kiosks, noble homes, and so cozy villas that make architecture a magnificent sculpture to live in.

It will be for the variety of landscapes, ranging from plain to mountain, from overgrown gardens to luxuriant forests. The beautiful 19th century villas or to the villages that have maintained the medieval appearance. For that atmosphere by Sturm und Drang it breathes when a storm bursts, but for centuries Lake Como does not cease to seduce with its elegance and charm.

At sunset, the lamps of the streetlights and villas will shine in Lake Como as many stars. It will be then, as it happens to sailors, that everyone will get their heart intimated. Inside those lights, inside those villas that look out over the lake’s water mirror are enclosed History and the thousand stories that noblemen, travelers, art collectors, botanists, leaders, ladies and knights have been told every day. Because every day their heirs continued to tell them about them.

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Born in a basin excavated by a glacier of the quaternary age, Lake Como, thanks to its strategic position between the northern regions and the Po Valley, has been populated since antiquity. After the Gauls, the Romans occupied the territory by establishing a link between Larius and Rezia. The Romans succeeded the Longobards and a period of different domination.

The ability to easily reach the footsteps of Maloja and Spluga made the lake particularly striking. After the domination of the Franks, at the beginning of the 11th century, Como became a common autonomy but never stopped having to defend itself from attempts to be occupy. It first fell under the rule of the Visconti and the Sforza, who expanded the bed of the Adda and built the Naviglio di Paderno to facilitate connections with the Duchy of Milan, and then under the domination before the Spaniards, then the Austrians and, for a short period, of the French. After the annexation to the Duchy of Milan, it followed its up to the unity of Italy.

Lake Como covers 146 km², its characteristic Y-shaped shape is given by the three branches that make it: north of Colico, south-east of Lecco and south-west of Como. The climate is warm and humid, favoring the growth of a richness and varied vegetation. Picturesque and characteristic are the landscapes overlooking the waters of Lake Como, where you can visit beautiful villas with beautiful gardens and romantic walks between flowers and exotic plants. The best way to discover the beauty of Lake Como is by navigating its waters, from which you can admire the villages and villas, leaving you enchanted by panoramas.

Excellent traditional cuisine from Lake Como, from fish to cheeses to desserts, the perfect blend between lake and mountain is appreciated on the tables of the many restaurants in the area. For a few hours or a long holiday, Lake Como always offers great hints of art, culture and of course beautiful landscapes.

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