fresco cocktail shop lake como explore

Just the name of the bar is connected to a well-defined sensory sphere. Several elements greet customers and together overwhelm them right from the very beginning.

‘20s music in the background drives the mind away.

While the warmth warms your skin subtle lighting makes everything very intimate and the memory of Van Gogh’s “The Potato Eaters” recurs to enthusiasts.

Among the smell of cinnamon, apple, alcohol, pomegranate and orange you can notice the personnel very neat which fully reflects the mood of the bar.

fresco cocktail shop entrance

Once you made yourself comfortable the gaze will completely lose reading the menu which divides savours in five different parts. It has a duration of three months and so, as Heraclitus told, it is “ever-changing”, products are protected by the Slow Food association in order to preserve the production of traditional dishes of each region.

The preparation of the cocktail is a ritual. It seems like a dance made with limitless passion, precision and class. Music is spaced out by noises of shoes on the hardwood floors, chatters, tinkling of the ice in glasses and the waiting becomes something extremely pleasant; but especially after tasting the cocktail, anyone would be willing to wait forever.

Those who enjoy the results of this impeccable work, dance or ritual or whatever, are completely rewarded not only from the point of view of taste, but also at the energizing level. Fresco, the pleasure of precision.

fresco cocktail shop cocktails