brunate funicolar

If you struggle every day with something which you are not able to organise or which has any sense, just try to find a new perspective: Brunate.

Look for the trill of the incoming funicular, this will be able to give you a push to reach a point too high for you in this period of your life.

Is it good to discover. Is it good to rule the obstacles. Is it good to observe. You have to learn to be surprised, to breathe life, the sky, the clouds, to store up experiences to get rich and to have something to tell about; to note down sentences or thoughts in a sketchbook so that you can relive everything only rereading them.

brunate landscape

The beauty is that you can stop and fly with one’s gaze. First of all the cathedral, Villa Olmo and Villa Erba, then in the distance you can see Turin, mountain ranges, the lake and a lot of other places to discover.

Everything in 180 degrees.

Sit down outdoors staining your clothes with life and reality is priceless; in exchange it gives you back the flavour of essence. The sounds of the city become soft and pleasant.

Every single thing looks like it was there to be noticed and tasted by careful and curious gazes with calm and tranquillity. Try it, live it.

The route begins in the darkness reaching at the end points higher and higher and chase by the light.

brunate lighthouse night