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The Bellano Ravine is a place which has fascinated poets, writers, mythological creatures and the devil himself thanks to its great beauty.

Sigismondo Boldoni, a 16th-century writer from Bellano, loved to retire at the base of the ravine to compose his works and he defined it “a horror of a horrible horribility”. So the name of this place could make the idea of what nature has created: a really horrible place. Not in the pejoratively meaning of the word, but rather for its wild aspect and at the same time for its striking beauty.

Actually the word Orrido should not be misled. This is a deep rocky gorge (in this case situated in the district of Bellano), heights in these rivers or creeks whose waters fall ravines and caves forming amazing falls, with a deafening noise, which dig rocks.

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Walking between the aerial bridges of the ravine, I ventured into the rifts hearing a noise more and more deafening which increased without continuity. It was the sound of the swirling foaming falls, it didn’t bother me because I was so marvelling at the vision of that magic place that I ran out of breath and I found my peace of mind and of soul.

However, talking about soul, for not losing it, I was always vigilant because just entered the tiny door of ravine, we can see a turret. It was built right next to the Pioverna river and it is called “the devil’s house”. Its name is related to mythological creatures, such as a satyr, which decorate the front of the top floor. But especially because, for many centuries, satanic parties have taken part inside it to summon the presence of the devil.

Lastly, like any other mysterious place self-respecting, also the ravine has its own legend which tells the presence of the buried body of the brave warrior Taino with his treasure.

If you want to find the inspiration to write something, to find peace out of the monotony of the everyday life or simply to spend a good day with someone special, you just have to go visit the magnificent Bellano Ravine.

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